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Blame Aphrodite...

she has almost killed me with love

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Taken from a poem by Sappho:
"It's no use
Mother dear, I
can't finish my weaving

You may
blame Aphrodite
Soft as she is

she has almost
killed me with

This is a safe space for LBGTQ femnist folks(womyn and men and the rest of you). Please share your stories, your political viewpoints, your life here. Feel free to post pictures and news articles. Anything that will affect the size of the page and all triggers must be placed behind a cut.

I do not tolerate trolls
I do not tolerat flaming
I do not tolerate judgements made on others based on personal prejudices. This means:
There are many ways to live a life, and there are many ways to be a femnist. If you refuse to take others' points of view into account you will be asked to leave.

A policy of mutual respect will be strictly enforced. We MUST respect each other, or we will never really learn from each other.

This space is moderated by goddessdea, any problems, questions, cocerns or requests can be posted here or sent by PM.

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